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Ewa Agoyin Beans and Sauce

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Ewa Agoyin is a delicious beans recipe, popular for its mushy texture and spicy tasty sauce.


Ewa Agoyin also known as Togolese beans is a delicious beans recipe, popular for its mushy texture and spicy tasty sauce.

Togolese beans is a highly nutritious and delightful light beans meal. It is made with Nigerian brown beans (oloyin) and little palm oil.

Togolease beans is very delicate to the taste. Originally a staple of Togo and Benin republics, this has become one of the best loved meals around the world. It is also versatile as it can be eaten morning, afternoon and night time; it can also be eaten with rice, boiled yam or hard dough bread.

As you’d frequently hear in Yoruba land, ‘elewa agaayin yin ti deo!’(meaning the agaayin beans boat has berthed).

The process to make Togolese Beans takes 2 whole days to complete. Eat a mouthful of this delicious meal and you will soon understand why.


Beans, Chilli

Allergy Information:

  • May contain traces of nuts.


  • Keep refrigerated at all times
  • Use by: see date on the packaging

Produced in:

The United Kingdom


For best results, heat in a micro-wave oven.
1. Uncover the lid slightly. Put in the microwave oven
2. Per serving, heat on full power for 6 mins. (800 Watt Category D) 5 mins. (900 Watt Category E).
3. Stir before serving.

Cooking Precautions:

Please note that these are guidelines only as different appliances will require different times to cook properly. Check that the food is piping hot all through before consuming.

Freezing Guidelines:

This product is suitable for home freezing ideally as soon as possible after purchase or soon afterwards but before the ‘use by’ date.
Consume within 30 days.


Make sure the contents are thoroughly defrosted allowing at least 11 hours in a refrigerator. Follow the guidelines for preparing the food for consumption.
Once it is defrosted, don’t refreeze.



Caution: We have taken every care to remove bones and scales. Some may remain.
Caution: This product may be very spicy and may contain bits of or whole spices. Please remove before consuming.

Net Contents:

1 serving – (520ml container) – 550g e
4 servings – (1000l container) – 1200g e
10 servings – (5l container) – 6000g e
20 servings – (10l container) – 12000g e


Using this product

While we have taken every care to make sure this product information is accurate, food products by their very nature are constantly being re-formulated. Hence the ingredients, nutrition content, and allergens may from time to time change. Please always read the current product label. Do not rely just on information provided here on the web site.

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    Very tasty, will order it again

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